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Ditch the 'No Pain, No Gain' Mantra

Exercising moderately can be just as good and sometimes better!

Most people dislike the concept of exercise as they believe they have to do it vigorously and to the point of pain to see or experience an improvement. If this is you, here are three reasons why you should kick the ‘No Pain, No Gain’ mantra and get moving.


  1. Lower intensity exercise reduces the risk of injury to the skeletal system (muscles).
  2. More moderate exercise improves health by reducing blood fats and blood pressure.
  3. People with heart disease are more prone to heart attacks with vigorous exercise.


The Health Benefits of an Active Life

Moderate exercise can provide significant health benefits for people who are currently inactive. New health related guidelines highlight the importance of 30 minutes or more of physical activity at least 3 times per week. This is equivalent to a brisk walk of a total 7-9km or 5-6miles for most healthy adults. Whatever your age or circumstances, exercise is a physical investment well worth making.

FACT – Exercise protects post-menopausal women against diabetes.
Studies found that women between 55 and 69 who exercised regularly were 31% less likely to develop diabetes.

FACT – Small bouts of exercise reduce cholesterol levels.
In tests, people who exercised for three 10 minute sessions each day showed greater improvements in blood cholesterol levels than those who exercised for half an hour in a single session.

FACT – Regular aerobic exercise reduces blood pressure.
Studies show that regular aerobic exercise reduces systolic and diastolic blood pressure by about 10mm Hg.

FACT – Exercise alleviates depression.
Research suggests that exercise generally improves moods and regular moderate exercise has been found to be as effective as medication and psychotherapy in combating depression. Even a 20 minute walk in woodland and open spaces can reduce stress and change brainwave frequency to the more stress reducing alpha waves.

FACT – Physical activity reduces obesity.
Studies have shown that regular exercise is the key to maintaining healthy body fat levels. Achieving energy expenditure through accumulating physical activity – has been shown to be more achievable for overweight individuals than specific structured exercise sessions.

Overall, the quality of any exercise being performed is better than quantity which is best achieved through a slow and moderate pace and not vigorously. So ‘Gain’ the health benefits and the exercise goals with ‘No Pain’ by exercising moderately and regularly with manageable goals!


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