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Detox for Vitality

With a new year beginning and the end of the last one possibly over-indulged!  Why not start this year with a detox plan that will refresh your body and bring a new sense of vitality.

Detox helps rid the body of potentially harmful chemicals as well as improving the function or important elimination organs such as liver, kidneys, intestinal tract and skin.  It is especially vital for people under stress or those who feel tired all the time, run down, have a low immunity to illness or have a tendency towards allergies, headaches, dry itchy skin and poor concentration.

The basis of detox is to reduce the amount of toxins the body is exposed to so that the body can cope effectively with those already lodged in the system.

Some symptoms that may indicate a detox programme necessary are:

› Headache

› Loss of appetite

› Food Cravings

› Bloating

› Spots/Acne

› Dry itchy skin

› Constipation

› Dark circles around the eyes

› Physical tiredness

› Tight or stiff neck

› Backache


Tips on detoxing the body

  • Give up smoking - it is very toxic within the body

  • Limit the intake of alcohol to a minimum – excessive amounts can be toxic in the body

  • Cleanse the body of toxins by drinking fruit and vegetable based juices – fruit such as lemon, watermelon and apple have excellent cleansing properties while carrot, celery, tomato and beetroot are excellent vegetables for detoxing.  Combinations include apple and blackberry or cucumber, beetroot and tomato.

  • Add fresh young dandelion leaves to salads for their cleansing action

  • Replace caffeinated beverages with herbal or fruit tea

  • As an alternative to salt, sprinkle lime juice on to food as it intensifies natural salt flavours

  • Drink plenty of natural mineral water to help flush out the body

  • Eat a well balanced diet which should provide all the energy, protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals the body needs.  A good rule is to eat little and often. 

  • Eat plenty of fibre to gently scrub the bowl clean.  Aloe Vera is a powerful natural laxative.

  • Eliminate sources of stress.  Stress can contribute to ill health such as tiredness, insomnia, headaches and stomach pain.

  • Exercise and feel more energised.  Exercise will burn off stress hormones, improve fitness and contribute to optimum health.

  • Take proper rest times between training sessions and properly relax – unwind in an aromatherapy bath with a good book and soothing candles.

  • A good detox plan should include external cleansing techniques too for example – exfoliating the body and face of dead skin cells and the toxins they contain

 So try this detox plan, it could be the solution to the new year new you.  Enjoy total fulfilment and an all round sense of well-being.



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