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A Balanced Approach 

 Most Irish people strive for a balance between work, family, staying fit and eating a healthy balanced diet. Here are a few key points to get you started on how to find the correct balance for your life.


Over the last decade obesity has increased by 67% in Ireland, over half of Irish adults body fat distribution and body mass index (BMI) is well above average resulting in obesity and risk of diseases associated with obesity such as heart disease.
Increased physical activity levels appear to be the key to controlling over weight and obesity in the Irish population. It was also proven physical fitness may decrease or prevent diseases associated with excess body fat.

When discussing exercise and increasing physical activity there are a number of fun and enjoyable ways apart from joining your local gym in which to do so, my personal favourite is dancing. We all do it around the kitchen or in the bedroom, so when no one is looking use this as a way to increase your physical activity level. House work and daily chores as we all know can be tedious at times but adding a different chore like washing the windows or cutting the grass can also increase your physical activity levels.


Food is an essential part of all our lifestyles and for a lot of families it is whatever is quickest and easiest to make or grab; but take one evening a week to sit and design your daily food plan for the week. Design the shopping to always include the essentials in your diet such as; carbohydrates and dairy products.
Carbohydrates are the body’s main source of energy. 60% of the body’s daily requirement comes from carbohydrates such as pasta, cereal and bread. If looking to loose a few pounds reduce your daily intake to only six portions a day i.e. 1portion = 1 slice of bread or 1 medium potato.
Dairy products are of major importance in relation to bone health. Milk, cheese and yogurt are the principal sources of calcium in the Irish diet. Excessive alcohol, smoking, caffeine consumption and a lack of exercise are all risk factors leading to a fracture due to osteoporosis.


Everyone knows that with a healthy balanced diet you don’t need supplements but how many of us eat a perfect diet. If your diet doesn’t supply the variety of nutrients we need to keep us fighting fit and sickness free then maybe we may need a supplement for example; Vitamin C – helps immune system stay healthy, helps fight infection and keeps skin healthy. Drinking excessively or taking some pills can deplete the body’s supply of vitamin C leaving you prone to bruising among other things. If ever you are unsure, always seek professional help from your doctor or pharmacist.

Body weight issues:

Body weight dissatisfaction appears to be huge with men and women in developed countries and indeed our own. Increased physical activity levels combined with a balanced diet of less sugary foods leads to a healthier (BMI) and body image.

To be healthy a balanced approach to your diet lifestyle is needed along with plenty of water. Best of luck. Start today.


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