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Controlling cholesterol

Everyone has heard about high blood cholesterol and how it is bad for you but does it effect everyone and what can you do to lower it.
Cholesterol causes damage to your arteries and not just from middle age but as early as two years of age. With the change in the world's diet and people consuming a lot more high fat and fast food it is something we should be acting on no matter what our age.

Your body makes cholesterol as it is needed to produce membranes for cells, but excess cholesterol collects on the walls of the arteries like ice to a freezer. When the arteries are sufficiently narrowed there is no room for blood to move through. If an artery gets completely blocked a heart attack can result.

Reducing your fat intake is one way of lowering cholesterol. This is especially true of saturated fats or the kind found in meat. A maximum intake of 35 grams of fat is recommended. How much is that I hear you ask; take this for example, your average burger and chip's has about 40 grams of fat. Fat intake can be reduced by changing to low fat products and by grilling, steaming or baking food rather than frying. Cut out sugary snacks and pastries and instead have a piece of fruit.

When you are overweight your body tends to produce and excess amount of bad cholesterol therefore exercising regularly does not just help you lose pounds but it also raises the amount of good cholesterol in your body. What about those who say that you do not have to be overweight to have high cholesterol. A thin person that eats unhealthily may have as much high cholesterol as an overweight person. Therefore it is just as important for them to watch what types of food they eat and exercise regularly. A minimum of three half hour sessions a week is recommended.

Remember drastic changes may not be necessary. You can probably lower your cholesterol levels significantly with small lifestyle changes. Just start slowly and gradually build up while trying to eat healthily. Remember it's your body and it's your choice!



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