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Power Plate Testimonials

Pat O"Brien Member # 6727

"I am a member of the Boyne Valley Country Club nearly two years.  I began using the PowerPlate as part of my workout from the beginning of my membership.  The main reason I am using the PowerPlate is due to my Parkinson"s disease.  My instructor, Tony Halpin, has taught me how to use this machine.  I find that since using the PowerPlate the tightness that I once felt in my legs has eased.  Other parts of my body including shoulders and back feel good after using it.  I would recommend the PowerPlate to others who have an illness as I believe it to be very beneficial".

Joe Egan Member # 7261
Joe has been a Club member since April 2004. 

"I wish to confirm that the PowerPlate was a great advantage to me after my hip operation.  I started using it three months before my operation (two sessions per week).  The main benefits were I was able to move around the bed with no stiffness or soreness, the exercises such as moving my legs up and down were no problem for me compared to other patients.  The day after the operation the physio"s had us walking with the aid of a tripod and then on to crutches for seven weeks, this I found no problem, again my muscles were very subtle, I could ease myself into the car very easily, I was also physically fit thanks to the PowerPlate.  I must state the PowerPlate made a huge difference to my successful recovery and would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone".

Joan Curran Member # 4392
Joan has been a Club member since October 2000. 

"The main reason I use the PowerPlate is to strengthen my lower back.  I have been using it consistently 2-3 times per week for the last three months and have found that I am now able to do classes like Body Bar and Body Board which six months ago I would not have attempted.  I would also have poor circulation (hands & feet) and during the winter months found an improvement in my circulation.  I will continue to use the PowerPlate as part of my exercise routine, it doesn"t take long, good booking system and advice from qualified friendly staff freely available"

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